Oils:   by Bruce M. Coyle

(close up)
Guardian Angel

  Original: Oil on Canvas
    ( 76" x 100" )

Notes: From the "American Trilogy" paintings of Justice, Guardian Angel, and Liberty. "... One Nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all." The American Trilogy is Coyle's response to those that would change the very faith and fabric on which our country was founded. These paintings represent the three basic elements and strengths of our country; God, Liberty, and Justice. Without these elements, we are but a Society lost.

Guardian Angel: A symbol of our hope and representative of one's personal faith. The Guardian Angel gave strength and courage to our forefathers to succeed from tyranny and these beliefs continue to give us guidance, hope and determination to fulfill our basic human rights and to honor our legacy. (6'4" x 8'4").