Watercolors:   by Bruce M. Coyle

Bellevue Hall

  Original: Watercolor over Pencil on Paper.
    ( 36" x 24" )

Notes: Commissioned by Complete Healthcare Communications for their 2003 Christmas Cards.

[Bellevue Hall, 800 Carr Road, Bellevue State Park, Wilmington, Delaware. Once the family home of the William du Ponts, Bellevue Hall is gracefully set amidst hundreds of acres of parkland and surrounded by lovely formal gardens. William H. du Pont, Jr., transformed the mansion from a Gothic Revival castle into a replica of President James Madison's home, Montpelier. Mr. du Pont surrounded his home with the finest facilities; tennis courts, equestrian stables, gardens, and a picturesque pond amid woodlands and fields overlooking the Delaware River. Originally acquired by the State of Delaware in 1976, the park now covers 328 acres.]