Watercolors:   by Bruce M. Coyle

(front view)

(side view)
Fragile Earth

  Original: Varnished Watercolor on Stainless Steel with Brass and Copper on a Marble Base.
( 12" circumference )

Notes: Collaboration with Metal Artist, Jeff Bell.
The Kennett Paper. Vol. XVII: No. 14 April 4-10, 2002
"Exhibit at Metalworks is a matter of teamwork." R. B. Strauss

"...'Fragile Earth' is a collaboration where Coyle gets top billing. On a marble base fixed with a metal rod sits a globe composed of carbon steel."

"A jagged hole has been gouged out to reveal a cavernous interior like some hidden underground kingdom, though play into the emphasis here on ecological calamity."

"The combined effort that went into this evocative work of art is immediately apparent, though closer inspection opens up the full implication of what could well be in store for us if we're not careful. On the interior of the globe, Coyle has painted designs that suggest shifting tectonic forces in action..."