Watercolors:   by Bruce M. Coyle

Pop Pop's Truck

  Original: Varnished Watercolor on Textured Board.
    ( 20" x 16" )

  Print:: ( 16" x 20" ) Enhanced Fine Art Paper


The Kennett Paper. Vol. XVII, No.14 April 4-10, 2002
"Exhibit at Metalworks is a matter of teamwork" R. B. Strauss

"...Coyle returns to homespun themes in 'Pop Pop&39;s,' yet another painting that boasts unique perspective. In the foreground you find yourse4lf presumably on a porch looking out onto a fron t yard, while not so distant trees line the horizon. Between these is an old truck against which leans a scythe. Indeed, the whole painting possesses an autumnal feel that brings to mind a harvest."

"Amber and earth tones range across the piece, yet the feel also affords a poignancy through the fact that the place is slightly weatherworn, hence hinting that Pop Pop himself is well into his own personal autumn..."