Watercolors:   by Bruce M. Coyle

Special Event

Saturday July 14, 2007
8:00 - 11:00 pm
Hilton Garden Inn
815 East Baltimore Pike
Kenneett Square, PA

Live & Silent Auctions.

Refreshments, Cash Bar,
Live Entertainment

$25 / person

call: 610-444-0146

Featured Piece:

Of The Warrior King
Ascension Of The Warrior King

Ascension of the
Warrior King

Original will be Auctioned

Longwood Hilton Garden Inn
815 East Baltimore Pike
8:00 to 11:00

Proceeds to Benefit the fund for Lamintis Research. New Bolton Center. A portion of your purchase is tax deductible.

Tickets at the door for $30.00
Call LongWood Art Gallery for more information.

  Original: Varnished Watercolor on Textured Board.
    ( )

  Print:: ( 16" x 26" ) Enhanced Fine Art Paper

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This depiction of Barbaro, as he is ascending into the heavens
escorted by the four archangels...

First flanked by Michael, known as a warrior, he is draped in blue symbolizing the ray of his light. As always, he carries an unsheathed sword, clad in bright armor. He represents power and deliverance. His victory is obtained through gentleness.

Next is Gabriel cloaked in white draped in red, he represents purity, hope, discipline and passion. His name means hero and he is here to help us rise above adversity as he sounds the trumpet heralding the arrival of the Warrior King.

Third is Raphael, high above wrapped in green. He is known as the healer. As the patron of the medical profession, representing concentration and inner vision, with the walking staff of life, he lets us know Barbaro’s spirit will live forever. He holds a medical book in his left hand symbolizing that Barbaro is continuing the fight to help us advance medical science.

Fourth is Uriel, the least known of the four, but he holds great importance. He is portrayed wearing gold wrapped in violet. He is the angel of persistence and salvation. He carries the pure blue flame of the spirit above Barbaro’s head, known as the light of god.

Through the heavens Barbaro is once again running free. He is draped in gold trimmed with black, which adorns his crest. Atop, the symbol of the Kentucky Derby is the letter “B” on a field of pink, which he wore to victory. In the lower left on a field of gold is the symbol of a lion representing a king, on the right side bearing blue and white stripes is the warrior’s heart, symbolizing purity, trust and loyalty.

Barbaro the Warrior King